Following our recent consultation our nursery admission number will be 52 part time places from September 2018, we will also be offering 10, 30 hour funded places.
we are in the process of updating our Nursery Admissions Policy. 

Admission to Loddon Primary School and Foundation Stage Unit

This website describes our School (including the Foundation Stage Unit). If you are interested in your child joining us please contact the school office to arrange a guided tour of the Foundation  Stage Unit and / or main school.

Admissions for 2 year olds:             

Children normally start the term after their second birthday if a place is available.  They will be offered 5 x 3 hour sessions per week 8:40-11:40am.

2 year olds attending The Nest will also need to complete a claim to Wokingham Borough Council for funded hours. A form for this purpose is available from the school office. From November 2016 a limited number of additional sessions for parents of 2 year olds wishing to pay will be available  - please enquire at the school office.

Admission to  (F1) Nursery:               

Children normally start in Foundation Stage F1 the term after their third birthday if a place is available.  They will be offered 5 x 3 hour sessions per week 8:40-11:40am or 12:20-3:20pm. There will be 10, 30 hour funded places available from September 2018, for those attending 30 hours children will have to pay towards the lunch club between the morning and afternoon sessions.

Please note: Attending Foundation Stage F1 does not guarantee your child a place in F2 (Reception), you must register with Wokingham Borough Council (WBC - our Local Authority) and apply for a place. Click on the WBC logo above to view website.

Admission to (F2) Reception:

Please contact Wokingham, by clicking on the WBC logo above, to apply for admission to F2 (Reception year).

Admission or transferring to Y1-Y6:

If your child has a place in F2 (Reception) they will transfer automatically to year 1, otherwise please contact Wokingham (our Local Authority) for admission or transfer to year 1 to year 6.

An independent Before school, After school and Holiday child care  are offered by an external agency on site.

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