Special Educational Needs
and Disabilities (SEND)

Mrs Gemma Didcock is our Inclusion
Leader. She is responsible for SEND
across the school. Mrs Didcock is
contactable via the school office or by

A child or young person has a special educational need if he or she
has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special
educational provision to be made for him or her. 

A learning difficulty or disability is a significantly greater
difficulty in learning than the majority of others the same age.

Special educational provision means educational provision that is
additional to, or different from, that made generally for others of
the same age in a mainstream setting in England.

Further information can be found in the 'Code of Practice 2014'

 We use the following forms:

'Identification of Needs' form for when we first have concerns

'Identification Criteria' for when we are trying to decide if a pupil has an SEN

'SEND Profile' to record a pupil's additional provision and outcomes. The profile is used for children at SEN Support and with an EHCP

Below is our SEN Information Report

Please read our policies, our local offer and Wokingham's local offer for more information.


Loddon Primary School Local Offer

Loddon Primary School - Foundation Stage Unit Local Offer

Local Offer leaflet 

This leaflet was developed with REACH Wokingham, the parent carers forum to inform parents and carers of the Local Offer and how it can help direct them to information, advice and support.

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