School Library

Loddon Primary School Library contains over 7000 books and is staffed by a qualified Librarian. The aim of the library is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages and supports children by promoting the concept of reading for pleasure.

 A diverse range of non-fiction books provides material to support both curriculum learning and the children’s own hobbies and interests.  The recently updated collection of fiction contains a wide variety of popular books to encourage children at all levels of reading ability; ranging from picture books and quick reads through to chapter books and graphic novels.

Children are able to access the library to borrow books both as part of organised class visits and independently during the lunchtime break.

Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders are nominated representatives from each class in Years 1 to 6. They remain in this role throughout their time at Loddon Primary School as they play a key role in driving ICT standards up from a pupil point of view.

Their day to day responsibilities include supporting staff and peers in the use of technology and reporting faults to the ICT team.

We meet as a group on a regular basis to discuss ideas, look at new resources and report issues that are impacting on the use of ICT in the classrooms.

They also represent our school and played an important role when meeting the assessor for our ICT Mark accreditation.


The Loddon Primary School Community – children, staff, parents and Governors – aim to develop our knowledge to enable us to become a more environmentally friendly school.  We do this through following the Eco-Schools Programme, “An international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life” -(https:/ ).

So far on our journey we have achieved the Bronze and Silver Eco-Schools Awards.  This has been achieved by setting up an Eco-Committee, carrying out an environmental review and using the information to create an action plan, creating an Eco-code, monitoring Eco themes in the curriculum, involving the school and wider community and more.


At Loddon we believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of the pupil and the school. We therefore offer a variety of clubs for our students to join and enjoy.

We organise a wide choice of activities including a mixture of artistic, sporting, and musical clubs.  These are run by a combination of coaches, teaching and support staff.

A letter is given to each child at the beginning of each term listing available clubs.

Once the children have joined a club they are expected to attend regularly.

School Council

The School Council is made up of 2 representatives from each class in Years 1-6. The council has an executive committee who are voted in by the council. The executive committee consists of a chair person, a vice chair, a secretary and a treasurer. The school council representatives are voted for by their class at the beginning of the school year. School council meetings are held regularly and the council discuss current issues that have been raised either by their class council, a member of staff, the governing body or the PTA.

The school council supported the governors in appointing our new head teacher. They have completed fund raising events with the PTA to raise funds for ‘Golden Time’ toys and new play time equipment. They have worked on the school house system helping to come up with the house names, developing the rewards for the winning house and more recently designing the logos for each house.